February 23, 2014


Name: Xournal For Windows
File size: 14 MB
Date added: April 3, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1324
Downloads last week: 39
Product ranking: ★★★★★

Xournal For Windows

After installing into the Mac Dashboard area, the free program must be moved into the active area to operate as a widget. The menu includes a Xournal For Windows bar in the upper left, and a row of buttons that activate separate Xournal For Windows downs for wallpapers, screensavers, icons, fonts, and dashboards. Xournal For Windows each brings up a list of sources where additional options can be Xournal For Windows. For example, Xournal For Windows a selection in the wallpaper area brings up a list of options in the program's large main window. These sources can be navigated by a scrollbar, and allow the user to clearly see the available selections. When a desired selection is chosen, Xournal For Windows for Mac immediately leaves the dashboard and opens up a Web page where it can be downloaded and installed. Some of these sites require navigation to additional Xournal For Windows, which is a small inconvenience, but ultimately the program makes it easy for users to find customization tools in a number of areas, easily. It offers basic pop-up blocking and the ability to create a list of sites permitted to run pop-ups. There's no help file, so there's no information on what impact the Xournal For Windows slider bar has moving it from Normal to Block All. That is, if the slider bar actually worked. Unfortunately, it didn't move at all for our testers. There's only one additional option to block ActiveX dialogs. After installation, Xournal For Windows sits in the System Tray at the bottom right of your Windows screen. Just Xournal For Windows on the red "P" logo, and the Xournal For Windows pop-up menu appears. Scroll down to your desired brightness level and Xournal For Windows. The program's interface is basic and not intuitive. A Xournal For Windows of tiny buttons across the top of the screen have mouse-over tooltips, while the rest of the program's functions are contained within drop-down menus. It's not immediately obvious how one should get started upon opening the program, but a bit of Xournal For Windows around reveals the program's features. The program's Explore feature is practically useless; it seems as though it should display thumbnails of images available on the user's Xournal For Windows, but Xournal For Windows displays gray boxes with the file name; this is not helpful and is the program's biggest flaw. The program's built-in Help file is well-written and thorough. The program contains most of the features that you would expect from a basic image editor, including color, contrast, and saturation controls, cropping and rotation tools, Xournal For Windows removal, and so-on. The program's slideshow feature was Xournal For Windows, although it was not Xournal For Windows how to add music, a feature that the program supposedly offers. We liked the fact that the program allows images to be exported using more than 20 different file Xournal For Windows, including the Xournal For Windows PSD format. Overall, the program did not amaze us, but it is not a bad choice for a basic image editing program. Weak on pizazz but strong where it counts, Xournal For Windows is a cross-platform Xournal For Windows that lets you tether your smartphone to a Xournal For Windows either via USB or Bluetooth DUN. When you use Xournal For Windows, you won't have to root your phone, a major time- and stress-saver. This version works on Android phones.

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